We’re thrilled that the calendar is featured on NPR’s science Tumblr!


The modelers have become models! If you are into climate scientists, you might want to purchase this calendar (created by science communicators Francesco Fiondella and Rebecca Fowler). They explain:

Each month, the calendar shows one of Columbia’s renowned climate scientists in a portrayal of their interests and work, along with information like the scientists’ favorite dataset, chart or climate phenomenon. The calendar also includes dates of weather and climate events that live in infamy, dates of key scientific meetings… and much more.


Dr. August: Kátia Fernandes developed a model to help predict fire activity in the Western Amazon up to three months in advance. 

Dr. December: Nicolas Vigaud studies how a changing climate could alter regional atmospheric circulation over Africa’s Sahel and other semi-arid environments, and impact rainfall patterns there.

Dr. October: Dorothy Peteet, reconstructs past climate using ancient seeds and pollen found in the cores of layered mud she pulls from bogs, lakes and marshes in Alaska and New York.

Dr. June: Tony Barnston is the Chief Forecaster at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society.

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Climate Models Calendars Disappearing Faster Than Arctic Sea Ice

We’re very happy that interest in the Climate Models calendar isn’t dwindling, but our supply of calendars is. If you’ve put off your purchase, delay no more — do your shopping at our online store!

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Psst! Got carbon guilt? Feel better about those extra emissions by confessing to your sins on this Tumblr.

How climate modelers became calendar models - The Plainspoken Scientist - AGU Blogosphere →

The American Geophysical Union invited us to talk climate models, climate modelers and science communication on their Plainspoken Scientists blog. So, we shared the story of the calendar was created and why we’re proponents of thinking outside the box when it comes to increasing awareness of climate science. Are you a scientist, science communicator or science enthusiast? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. 



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We’re thrilled to see the calendar featured on this clever Tumblr devoted to climate and weather haiku!

The Climate Models calendar is now hanging on walls around the world! We want to see yours in action too. Use the hashtag #ClimateModels on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll repost for all to see. 


January Climate Model Peter deMenocal. Have you gotten your Climate Model calendar yet?

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The Weather Channel calls for 2014 to be HOT (but not for the reasons you may think). 

Climate Scientists Pose for Pinup Calendar [Slide Show]: Scientific American →

Want to see all of the images from the Climate Models calendar? Check out this new story and slideshow from Scientific American! 

Our wish for 2014 is to see the calendars hanging in your homes, your classrooms, your offices, your secret underground research labs and bunkers. Please post a picture of your calendars settling into their new environs, and use the #climatemodels tag. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, we’ll see it and re-post!

If your friends and followers get jealous and want to know how they too can own the only calendar on Earth that features the planet’s hottest climate science, send them to our online store: http://climatemodels.tictail.com ($20 plus tax and shipping).

Happy New Year climate aficionados!  

Still HOT!

Wow. We are behind in blogging. I’d like to say it’s because Climate Models are so hot that our keyboards melted, but the reality is that we’ve been busy filling orders, attending scientific meetings, promoting the calendar—and trying to get a few hours of sleep each night. 

Our thanks to everyone who’s purchased a calendar through the online store and who came to see our poster at AGU in San Francisco last week. We’re so pleased that this project is generating discussion about how to communicate climate science. 

And, the calendar is still getting mentions in the press. Meteorologist Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground named the calendar the year’s top gift for weather enthusiasts (!), the calendar was OnEarth’s hottest story (!!) in 2013 and our local paper ran a nice article about the project today. 

As always, we appreciate your support. Let us know what you think of the calendar!